Come with us on a brisk Fall trail ride!

We are definitely enjoying the cool fall weather that has finally arrived here in Northwest Florida. What better way to enjoy such a beautiful day than on horseback riding through thousands of acres of trails? Tag along on a brisk trail ride with CV Equestrian lead by trusty trail horse, Freckles!


  1. Phyllis Poland says

    I am looking for a special gift for my granddaughter. She loves horses and judges them for FFA in her school. Do you issue gift cards? Please let me know the different costs.

    Thank you

    Phyllis Poland

  2. Rick Mincy says

    I was wondering how much it would cost to come and just ride some trails. I recently had a heart attack and i need to do something that is peaceful and non stressful to get back in shape and I cant think of antyhing better than riding.

    Thank you

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