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Thoroughbred Horse

A Thoroughbred horse is usually what people picture when they think of horses. Specially trained riders called jockeys ride thoroughbred horses in some of the world’s most popular horse races, including the Kentucky Derby.

What a lot of people don’t know is how great thoroughbreds are off the racetrack. Thoroughbreds are highly praised for their energy, personality, and work ethic. They are also very athletic and attractive horses. This is why they are growing in popularity in other horse sports like dressage, show jumping, hunters, and eventing.

Thoroughbred Lesson Horse

Thoroughbred mare, Jersey, at CV Equestrian

“Jersey” is a 15 hand Thoroughbred beauty who loves to be groomed. Her color is very unique and eye-catching. She is a dark sooty bay with lots of gorgeous dapples! Jersey has been shown in the Hunters and loves kids. She also enjoys going on trail rides and to horse shows. Jersey will capture your heart with her sweet disposition and lovable personality.

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Part of what makes Jersey such a great lesson horse is her strong maternal instinct. She has proven to be a great mother to her foals in years past. It’s easy to see that these instincts carry into her care for young people as well!