Tapioca Puddin’

Western and English Leadline Pony Lessons in Southport, FLTapioca, named for both her unique color and sweet disposition, is one of the newest additions to CV Equestrian. She is a 6-year-old pony standing about 10.3 hands tall, or around 43 inches. Tapioca is the perfect size for young children to learn to ride, handle, and love horses! We are already in love with her, and we know you will fall in love, too. Puddin’ is as multi-talented as she is sweet. She rides and drives! Even the grown-ups can have some fun with Tapioca in her adorable pony cart. Riding in a pony cart is also a great way to bridge the gap for small children who are too young to ride on their own, but love horses.

Does your child wish for a pony each birthday and plead to Santa at Christmas? Call us today to schedule an appointment to meet Tapioca and make your child’s dreams come true. Lesson packages start at only $35 per lesson, and the smile they will put on your child’s face is priceless.

850-527-6575 or CVEquestrian@gmail.com